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I was drawn by the title. The voyeur in me perhaps? I was greeted by a nice looking pair of feet and a very green site. Black text on as green background which is readable.

The design is very simple with the blog on the left hand side under a title banner and the aforementioned photograph. The right hand side has a panel with a variety of links and adverts which is too cluttered for my taste. There are some interesting things there, a weather graphic, her mood, archives and the usual links to her blogs and blog related things. There are news and search engine links too. These work but don’t appear in a new window. I like to be able to stay in the original window and go find the links in a new window. There is also a poll concerning mistressy things of which more later. Fourteen folk have thus had an opinion.

There is a use of some cool photographs throughout the web log and although no links in the text there is a comment facility. However this doesn’t always appear to work with an indication that there are comments made with no actual comments present.

The blog is written by Soul who I guess is a dominant woman or mistress. It has been in existence for a mere five days and she has posted several times a day each day. I was the 166th visitor. The posts concern the relations between a dominant women and her submissive male both in general through introductory pieces to the lifestyle choice and what I think are Soul’s diary entries concerning her particular dominant submissive relations. These diary entries being in the form of erotica.

Her writing style is straight forward enough and reasonably understandable. There are some spelling and grammatical errors which I guess is neither here nor there, but it irks the perfectionist in me. The content is pretty basic and tries to put an almost spiritual slant on this particular form of man on woman dysfunctional relationship. I’m not buying that.

The content is not up too much, it certainly didn’t titillate my voyeur or interest my intellectual and the design itself is too busy.

If the poll is true I should have urges to lie at Soul’s feet but hey I don’t do submission so I’m afraid it’s a 1 out of 5 for me.

Mistress Passion

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