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When I first entered “Mistress Passion”, my first impression was a fairly good one. I was faced with a very clean and neatly layed out looking blog. I will admit though that when I first heard the title, I was a little skeptical about doing the review, for the fact that I really didn’t know what to expect once I arrived at the blog.

The first thing I did was search the links for an “About” link to see if I could get an inside look at what the author was all about . To my disappointment, there was no such page to be found.

At that point, I began to read the entries. The blog was started a short time ago and I read each and every post. The more I got into reading, The more enjoyable/interesting they became. From what I could see, the weblog is basically focused on female dominance over men. It is kind of hard to tell if the entries are real or fantasy. I felt as if I were reading a good novel and I just didn’t want it to end. A very interesting read .

Now don’t get me wrong here. This blog is not going to suit everyones taste. Quite possibly some of the male population may find it offensive towards men. But since I am female, I am not even going to go in that direction.

The entries are very well written. The author seems to have her entries well thought out before they are put into writing. The writing is also very clear and easy to read.

The design of the blog is a plain blogspot template with a two column layout. The author has several links on the right hand side and even a poll that fits right in with the subject of the entries. There were a couple of her links that were not in working order. I am sure the author will fox those in time. However, there was one link on the right to another site. It was located close to the top. When I clicked on it, it was an “About” page, but it was hard to tell if it was about the author of this blog or someone else. So I am assuming it was about someone else.

To sum up the review, even though I enjoyed the site very much, and it is very well written,the site is still fairly new .Due to this fact, I cannot give it a rating higher than a 3. However, it does have the potential to get a higher rating in the future. I hope the author has us re-review this site in a couple of months to see if she was able to stay on track with her writing etc. In the meantime, “Mistress Domination” is a good blog to visit. I know I will be back from time to time.Mistress Passion

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