Review 265

The first thing I noticed about the site was the design of it. The flames on the left were really cool. I get the idea that he wanted them to look like they came from some graphics program from back in the Atari days, as that is how it looks. If he didn’t, then he is a really bad artist or good depending on how you perceive art.

Get to the weblog portion and I had a hard time reading it. The entire thing read as if it was an instant message or something. I really hate it when people write things like thx or l8r because they are too lazy. What happens when you actually go to write a paper and you have to write the word thanks or later? Will the teacher appreciate the letter z substituted for the letter s? I doubt it.

So after all of the problems of translating I found a pretty good weblog to read. A freshman who is scared to go to college. Aren’t we all? Hopefully he gets on the net soon so he can start posting some more about his college life. Ah the freshman years, wish I could remember most of it, but I can’t (yes I did say years). Should be fun to re-live some of the events that freshmen go through if he gets back up and running.

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