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The ‘Ktraveldan Network’ is a brand-new blog, started just two weeks ago by the author, Kim. It’s presented in a simple, two-column layout, with text on a solid blue background. There aren’t many bells or whistles visible — at first glance, the site gives the impression that the author is still fleshing things out.

For more information about Kim and the ‘Ktraveldan Network’, I took a look at the first post, from May 13. From that entry, I learned that Kim is an ‘obsessive’ and prolific writer, working towards getting her work published. Kim also explains that she’s currently a nurse (but likes writing better!), has been writing and journaling offline for over thirty years, and is thrilled to be expanding her audience via the weblog medium. It’s an appropriate intro to Kim’s thoughts and style, if a bit hectic.

Most of Kim’s posts take the form of a story or essay; they range from funny anecdotes to creative fiction to poignant personal recollections. The entries are sizable, and the sheer volume of words contributed in the site’s two weeks of existence is impressive — it’s easy to see that Kim isn’t kidding about writing ‘constantly… and without ceasing’!

As mentioned earlier, there are few features or extras evident on the ‘Ktraveldan Network’ site, apart from lists to previous posts and the archives. Kim lists her email address, but there’s no other way to interact with the author or share thoughts about the content — no comments, trackbacks, message boards, or guestbook here. For a site packed so full with the author’s ideas and thought-provoking stories, interactive options seem like a natural addition. My guess is that Kim simply hasn’t gotten around to such features yet — she’s recently tried out audio posting, so more innovations may be on the way soon.

All in all, I think the ‘Ktraveldan Network’ shows a lot of promise. Kim certainly has the stories — and the enthusiasm — to keep the content fresh and build an appreciative audience. It’s also seems, though, that this weblog is a work in progress at the moment — Kim has found her ‘voice’ through many years of writing, but may not have yet worked out how to get the most from her work in this medium. I’ll be interested to see the direction this site takes in the coming monthes; for now, I give the ‘Ktraveldan Network’ a 3 out of 5.Ktraveldan Network

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