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I can honestly say that Autograph is a weblog that I truly enjoyed reading from top to bottom. Upon entering the blog, I was greeted with a small banner at the top of the page, which says “Autograph The journal of true and creative writing”. To the left, in the corner, is a photo of who I am assuming is the author. Below the banner are a few links which are very neatly laid out. The blog had a very professional look to it.

After looking over the blog, I checked out (as I often do at first) the “about” link to see if I could get more info on the author. As it turns out, his weblog project was inspired by a blog that was created by a friend of his.

I began reading the main page, then on into his archives. One of the things that is different about Jay’s weblog, is there is only one post per page; which is not something you see very frequently. The entries are a mixture of different topics. Each one is telling a story about something different.

Jay’s entries are very well written and it’s obvious that they are well thought out. In all honesty, I feel that Jay is a very exceptional writer. Why do I say exceptional you may ask? For the simple reason that some of his entries make you feel as if you are reading a good romance novel that you just can’t stop reading until you know the outcome or as if you are watching a movie and it is so entertaining that you just don’t want it to end.

I know everyone has different tastes and what some of us find interesting, others may not, but for myself it was very enjoyable reading.

Entries in his archives range from stories about where he grew up, the respect he has for his dad, the cars he’s had and many more articles. One entry is even just a page containing of jokes, which lets you see the humor side of him. One of my favorite entries was one he wrote about his dad, A Wise Old Man. Another one of my other favorite entries was The Bloom Of A Kiss. Those are just a couple that I really enjoyed.

Something else I liked about the blog was that his signature is displayed after each entry in autograph form. I thought it was very professional looking once again.

There is really not much I can say about the design that I haven’t said already. It is very neatly laid out. The links are sectioned as to where it is very easy to get to what you want. My only complaint about the weblog is that there wasn’t more of it to read. So if you readers have some time to spare, Jay’s blog is worth checking out. I know I will become a frequent visitor.


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