Review 2639

I liked how bright this site was when I first saw it. It’s a spot on the web for the author, Jay, to share his creative writing with the world, so I thought the black letters on the white background to be fitting.

The stories themselves are well written, and interesting. The author’s style comes out in each of them. Some are shorter, some are longer, so there’s one for every attention span. I read through the author’s favorites (listed on the about the author page) and they were great. It’s hard to tell what is true and what is made up, but a good read nonetheless.

The black writing on a white background gives the feel of a typewriter, like an old fashioned writer, very suiting to the theme of the site. The graphics, although few, are clean and make a point. I like how the author personalizes each entry with his signature.

While the stories are great, there’s not a lot of info about the man behind the words. There is an “About the Author” link, with a few stats and a lot of writing about writing.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this site, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories. There’s little spelling or grammatical errors, so it’s an easy read. The layout is great and easy to navigate. I wish I knew more about the author and what he’s about.Autograph

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