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I like weblogs that explain things to me – why they’re blogging, who they are, where they’re weblog’s title came from, etc. Without some information, going into a weblog for the first time is a lot like just walking into someone else’s house and trying to figure out who they are and what they’re all about just by going through their dresser drawers. Sure, it can be done, but it’s always nice to get a little background information first. And Genuine, as he signs all of his posts, does just that with his very first entry into his new domain. It really gives readers an idea of who this guy really is.

Genuine’s a popular weblog, and by reading his entries, I can certainly see why. He’s an insomniac with an extremely entertaining flair for writing. His family (Mrs. Genuine, the Genuine Boy, and the Genuine Girl), other bloggers, and his knack for having a movie quote for so many different topics are some of the different subjects that keep him full of blogging fodder.

Another great element of The Genuine Blog is the way he involves his readers. He poses questions and asks (often demands in his own sarcastic manner) his viewers to interact. What movie star you best associate with, for instance.

Aesthetically speaking, the design is great. The graphics load quickly, the colors look excellent. Genuine’s even mastered a little HTML within the first month of his weblog’s existence, allowing him to link to some of his favorite weblogs in his entries and post some enjoyable pictures.

There are a few added features to the site, aside from just the author’s multiple daily entries. There are links to the first three chapters of a novel he’s attempting to write. On a personal, more get-to-know-the-author level, readers can browse through a photoblog and following along with the countdown until Mrs. G (Genuine’s wife) is due with the newest Genuine addition. The typical most recent entries, latest comments, and links to the three months of archived entries are also thrown in the mix.

The stories that are he shares range anywhere from sickeningly cute to absolutely adorable and sometimes even to downright disgusting. No matter where you start in this weblog, you just want to keep reading more and more.

Genuine’s got a good thing going with this weblog. Whether reading about his son’s future as quarterback specializing in the Booger Hand Off, the style of argument that his young daughter has already seemed to have mastered, or any of the other bits of his life he chooses to share, the Genuine Blog isn’t one that I would want to miss.

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