Review 2634

A fairytale castle at night with a rising full moon greeted me upon entering Genuineblog’s realm. I noticed at once the links to the first three chapters of a romance novel. I also saw a small reference to Mrs. G. and made the leap that this was a blog written by a woman. It took me a while reading and poking around on the site to realize my mistake. This is a man’s blog. There IS an ‘About’ link, but it was not working at the time of my review. That would have been VERY helpful to get oriented.

I began to read the entries. It took me a while to get my ‘genuine’ legs as the first ones I read were cryptic references to other entries and some very short entries that didn’t reveal much, but as I read on I found a delightful sense of humor emerging.

He writes quite a bit about being a Dad to his two children and the one on the way. His description of a game he plays with his children called ‘monster chase’ was hilarious. He has several entries with links to pictures or other people’s blogs that are fun. My personal favorite was a link to his idea of the perfect job, a ‘deck holder downer’. Check it out March 26, 2004. There are entries on a variety of subjects, some touching, some are raunchy and very, well. . .’guy’. But most are quite humorous. Especially the recurring reference to him trying to stay off his wife’s LIST.

I read the first chapter of his romance novel and very soon was reminded of Tom Seleck in that movie…. what was it?, oh yes, ‘Her Alibi’. The writing styles seem similar to me. (Loved that movie by the way). In any case by this time, I was thoroughly enjoying my visit.

He is involved in something called ‘blogrolling’ which someone is going to have to catch me up on. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but it seems to be time consuming and he was making jokes about it. He DOES have an impressive number of commenting readers.

All in all I would give this blog a 4. The only reason I am not giving it a 5 is the fact that the About Me link was not working and that this blog was not very user friendly for navigating and getting your bearings. As the authors of this kind of material, we should remember that probably every day someone visits your blog ‘cold’ and it is a good idea to let them know something about you right off the bat. So we can settle in and enjoy what you might have to offer. We don’t need to write a book or anything, sometimes just one cogent phrase can do the trick. But I must say, that I will most likely be checking back in to see how the ‘Monster Chases’ are going at the Genuineblog household.

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