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I can’t help but point out that seeing the word “song” and “rut” together got me thinking about things that have nothing to do with music or being in a slump. When I went ot the site I read “Songwriting tips for songwriters” and it all suddenly made much more sense! Oooohhh, SongRut. Now I get it.

The first thing I did was look around. There were dropdown boxes that looked as though something should’ve been written there, but nothing was there. Also dark words in the sidebar that I thought were links, are just text. Since I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I thought I’d tackle the archives. There aren’t many entries to begin with. Actually, for the entire month of March, there are only 2. One with a bunch of links all labeled “songwriting” but each taking you somewhere different. And the other with a few lines and some type filler, you know the kind, where you just hit the keyboard to create some temporary content. The April entries are filled with a lot of good advice for songwriters, and even writers in general. Things like a change of perspective, using metaphors, different different writing approaches. The content is worth a read and is actually entertaining enough to want to read through each and every entry.

The design is very simple with shades of greenish brown and grey’s. It’s not overly done, or under done, although I have no idea what the purpose of all the text and empty dropboxes are for. It functions, but you might be deterred by the ads, though thankfully, no pop-ups.

There are some links to cd’s that might be worth a look for some who aren’t so musically open. Anyone who links, Norah Jones and Billie Holiday with U2 and Led Zeppelin obviously has some great musical taste. Seriously.

As a result of reading through this blog, I’m extremely confused. There are parts of the blog that are worth taking very seriously, and other parts that probably shouldn’t.

gugga goo ba bribble fiz
duddle burra gorga brap
fiddle pipple diddle brine
baddle biggie grope ***

*** Of course, I had a huge hit in Lithuania with this song, so obviously your mileage may vary depending on your nationality


People just can’t stop writing to me saying how many hit records they’ve written since they read this stuff, so I wouldn’t be suprised. One guy actually won the lottery the day after he read this web page.
– from the about me page

These things along with other little choice pieces make me wonder if this blog isn’t more along the lines of a parody, or if this whole thing should be taken more seriously. It’s up to you, dear reader, to figure it out for yourself. I, however, have my own opinion.songrut

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