Review 2622

I took a quick look at the site, and it is definitely built for a specific audience. This is not always a bad thing however, so I kept reading. The site is laid out nicely with a good color scheme that makes it easy to read. The posts can be rather long, but the writer has used a click able drop-down that opens and closes the longer posts so if you are not interested in the subject you do not have to scroll past a long article in order to continue.

As I mentioned, this blog is for a particular audience, those that are songwriters or interested in the song writing process. The site is full of the author’s thoughts on how he comes up with the idea for a song and the practice of creating the finished product. There are also tips for songwriters to help them in their attempts at creating their own tunes.

The design of the site is relatively simple, something I appreciate. There is a list on the right of “Essential Singers” and the author hits the nail on the head with most of these. Anyone who includes both Ella Fitzgerald AND Billy Holiday has my attention.

There are pull-down menus for the Categories and Archives, which only goes back to March 2004 so this site is fairly new to the blogosphere. There are supposed to be other pull-down menus, but they do not seem to be working as yet.

There is a link to the an e-mail address for the author, along with a subscription option and chat room you can join. There is also questionnaire that seems to be designed to assist the writer of the site in better directing the site to match the needs of its readers, something that works well for such a specific site.

While I am not a songwriter or even and wannabe songwriter, the posts are well-written and interesting to a point. It is always intriguing to me to watch creative people at work and to see how their process of developing their art comes about. While readers that are not aspiring songwriters may find some of the posts a tad boring, it is still a well designed site that is suited to its task. And if you have ever been curious how songwriters work, check out the site. It gives a good glimpse into the mind of a creative person.

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