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Songrut is a very new blog on the web that I believe is off to a great start. There wasn’t a huge quantity of entries to read, as the blog was only started in March this year and the actual content didn’t actually start until April 16. The writer’s intention with this blog is to note down ideas for songs in order to help them self and anyone else who is of an inclination to write a song but has “song-writer’s block”.

The look of the blog is fairly standard and I believe it would benefit from a makeover to suit the theme of the blog. A big problem with it at the moment is that the link drop-downs aren’t working – Bev may or may not be aware of this and whilst it doesn’t affect the reading of the blog, it is annoying for anyone who finds particular interest in such things and would like to check those links out.

Now, the actual content of each of the entries is fairly good. These are very personal ramblings of a musician and their thoughts on the song writing processes. It’s actually quite interesting to see how Bev puts a song together. If Bev continues along the same strain and if I was a musician myself, I would most likely find this site quite helpful. Bev puts forward tips, from watching a film and writing a song for it to surfing the web for inspiration. There’s even a reader’s tip which, if that theme carries on, could increase the readers enjoyment of the blog as it would seem more interactive.

All the entries are well written though, probably because I am not a musician or song-writer or have any musical talent at all, I had a little trouble with some of the terminology used (hook lines? Aren’t they for fishing?). Perhaps a glossary of terms would be useful in such circumstances and for people like myself.

As I said, this blog is off to a great start and I do hope Bev continues with it as it could quite conceivably be one of the better “song writer” resources on the web. No pressure or anything.

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