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My first impression of this weblog, was a good one. I was faced with a very clean, neat layout . There was really nothing outstanding about the page, but it just had a nice look to it. The first thing that caught my eye, was a little animated pic at the top left hand corner. It was of a cartoon character playing a musical instrument, giving the blog a nice touch. Once I started reading the entries of “Songrut”, I basically got what I expected. A blog about music.

The entries are written by a girl named Bev. After reading her main page, I went looking through her archives. I discovered that the weblog has only been around for a month and a half. It was created on March 18, 2004.

Apparently Bev has put a lot of time and thought into her entries. This is not just a blog about music in general. It is dedicated mostly to song writing. It’s obvious that Bev has a real love for music.
Each entry, is very interesting and informative , especially for anyone who takes a real interest in writing songs.

She gives tips and information on how to be a good song writer , things you should and shouldn’t do when trying to write a song, ect. Her readers even participate every now and then by sending in their own tips and tricks on writing songs. You will find things like that in every entry. A very interesting read by far.

The page itself was just an ordinary simple design. But it seem to work well with the title of the weblog.It had somewhat of a professional feeling to it. Nothing fancy , but the little animated cartoon playing the musical instrument, did give it a nice touch as i mentioned earlier. On the left side panel, there are several links which are music related, . There is an “about” page, but it is mainly about music .

Overall,the entries were well written, very well spaced and easy to read. It has been updated frequently. Basically, I enjoyed the weblog and could not find one fault with it. If you are a music lover, I would suggest you drop on by and vis Bev at “Songrut”. You won’t be disappointed.songrut

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