Review 262

For a site that has the name I would hope it would be funny. Instead what I found was a lot of not so funny posts. There are multiple people who write for this site and I am guessing they all know each other. The reason I say this is because each of the posts are just as dumb as the other one. Some of the posts aren’t even jokes or anything of importance.

The design of the site looks like some kid who is still living back when a 14.4k modem was the best there was and there were bbs with sysops and if you had some program to download, your site was elite. The tag board is about 10 screens long and is just even more annoying.

Only if you have one of the following should you go to this site: A) a really bad sense of humor B) no life because you are a sysop for a bbs C) have an IQ less than a 2nd grader.

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