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“The Mermaid Tavern”. Upon entering this blog, I was greeted with a banner at the top of the page, with several little colorful mermaids going across it.

This was the only thing that caught my eye as far as the appearence of the page. The rest of the page was just one of those simple boring templates that for some unknown reason, seem to be so popular these days. However, to the right hand side, is a small section with some info on the author which I enjoyed reading. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, is very true in this case.

The author of the blog is a grad student obviously with a great sense of humour. She has had her blog running for a little over a month now. I read her posts on her main page , then went into her archives. I will be totally honest, at first I found her entries a bit boring. But as I continued to read, the more I began to smile. The author would tell a joke or a funny story in each entry. I didn’t find all of them funny, but a good majority of them. One of my favorites was one she wrote about the “cookie monster”.


An inside source tells me that Mr. Cookie Monster is especially partial to chocolate chip cookies, though he has been known to partake of the oatmeal raisin ones now and again. And the milk! We mustn’t forget that, like Santa Claus, the Cookie Monster likes milk with his cookies. Besides, why do you think internet websites are always asking if you’ll accept cookies? Think about it! The computer just wants you to be happy like the Cookie Monster. He knows what’s up.

That is just an example of what you will see on her page.

Some people may find it a good read and some may not. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, and everyone has their own taste.

The writing is very clear and easy to read. It’s well spaced and not all crammed together. Maybe in the future, she will spruce up the look of the page a bit.

All in all , it is a good read and will make you smile/laugh. Sure to brighten up your day. On a final note, I think the author has the potential, to make her blog very outstanding in the future. I wish her all the best.The Mermaid Tavern

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