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They say honesty is the best policy, but sometimes I just dread being honest , but here goes.

When i first entered the blog “Deletetheweb”, my first impression was “Yet another dull one”. The posts were in the center and the links on the left hand side with very little design to the page.

Along with the links on the left hand side was a link to “100 things about me”. This is where I learned that the author was a 30 year old male from London. I learned a lot about him from reading that section.

I then proceeded to read his entries. Starting with his main page , then into his archives. He wrote about a surgery he has had, he wrote about his blog, his work and just other everyday happenings in his life. After I got halfway through his main page, I started to feel depressed. His entries were actually depressing me.

I thought maybe they would get better if I kept reading. It just didn’t happen. This guy doesn’t even seem to have any confidence in himself. Apparently he doesn’t even seem to think that very many people are reading his blog. Here is an example of a couple of lines he wrote.

I attacked Blog with the digital equivalent of a feather duster today, mercilessly clearing away several months worth of accumulated cobwebs. In an attempt to be friendlier to new readers (not that I have any, but a blog can dream, can’t it?),

I just couldn’t get deep into the posts. To be honest, I enjoyed reading the secton of “100 things about me “, more than I did the entries. There is even one entry where he is talking to his blog. Maybe it was supposed to be funny/amusing, but it just didn’t make me laugh.

In conclusion, the writing is good. Very neat and very easy to read. Maybe if the author could brighten up the design a bit, and spruce up the posts a little so they won’t be so depressing, his blog could have the potential to recieve a rating of 5.iMark

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