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Imark manages to make a good first impression. It is a beautifully put together simple and tastefully designed template which adapts well to the even the smallest screen resolution. There are several pages useful in establishing a profile of this author, in particular I would recommend the Interview with imark and the 100 things list. An added bonus for any reader is the fact that this site is actually ‘skinnable’ – a whole range of stunning templates is located under Variations on a theme, and of course in the pull down menu on the index page. All of which show the same simple elegance of the default template.

The author of imark writes very well, his posts are interesting and show more than a modicum of wit. If there wasn’t an about me page here you could learn a lot about this author purely from the content of his blog. The archives go back to September 2003, the largest percentage of which are personal postings. There are plenty of stories from his day-to-day life but they are delivered in such a way as to never fall into the trap that grabs so many who begin posting every dull detail of their lives. There are also plenty of musings on wider subjects, and again they are written in such a manner as to be both thought provoking and engaging.

As previously stated the template is the first striking part of this weblog, it’s a classy design, and it’s immediately apparent to any viewer that this was designed by someone with a real attention to detail. My favourite template out of his range however had to be the default, although the others were equally well put together. The site was very easy to navigate with a good hierarchy of links, and no over-abundance (all too frequently found on weblogs).

There is in fact very little to find fault with at imark. It manages to bridge the grap of displaying both a good design and appealing content. He writes very well, frequently thought provoking, engaging and with real evidence of wit. In fact he makes even the most tedious subject sound fascinating. For me, this is a 5/5 site, easy
navigation, flawless design and good writing. It may be one of many personal blogs out there, but Imark stands out from the crowd for me.

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