Review 2613

My initial impression of this blog was good. Very good. The crisp, clean layout was a very welcome beginning to my time spent here. The second thing I noticed was the incredibly proper grammar. Yet again I’m reminded of how we here, in North America, have butchered the English language. It was obvious from the start that this blog was not written by a North American.

The content of this blog isn’t anything overly new, different or out of the ordinary. However, it managed to keep me completely interested, to the point that I had to force myself to stop reading in order to write my review. iMark, the blog’s author, is witty, funny, observant and descriptive. The combination of these results in a wonderfully friendly reading experience that makes you laugh, smile and think, which is always a welcome side-effect of a blog, in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the ‘100 things’ page, as well as the ‘interview with an iMark’ page. I laughed out loud on several occasions while reading that one. The option to skin the site was a nice addition, which, admittedly, I played around with quite a bit.

All in all, I found this site to be flawless. No design, spelling or grammatical errors to detract from the content. iMark obviously takes great pride in his blog. A pride refelcted in every little detail. I absolutely loved reviewing this blog, and I will most certainly be returning.


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