Review 2596

The Waiting Place. Who is waiting? Where are they waiting? And most importantly what are they waiting for? Questions without answers unless I read the weblog.

When the page first loads I was greeted with a huge banner atop a standard blogger template. The banner had an image of two women entitled Eva and I. Great, more questions. Who are these two women? With another question in my mind, I went on to read the blog itself.

After reading the first paragraph of the most recent post I knew that I was in for a ride unlike any other I had been on while reviewing a blog. This made me excited to read more, and learn more about what was going on, so I did.

The blog is written by two people: Eva and Trish. I can only assume that the image of the two women at the top is the two of them. Trish is Eva’s mother, and Eva is the wife of a man who is currently in Iraq. This blog is their perspective on what is going on both in their own lives and in Iraq.

Trish mostly posts about what is going on with her daughter (Eva), while Eva posts mostly about what is going on with her husband. A very interesting relationship that is developed with this respect for posting on the site.

As I said, I knew I was in for a ride unlike any others. The weblog actually tells a story. One with highs, lows, and everything in between. I was amazed at how moved I became while reading this story. I particularly enjoyed reading about the trip Eva took to Iraq to see her husband. Even though there were a lot of hardships it was composed very well. Now (read more current posts) it seems as if they are just waiting on Eva’s husband to return to the states. Again, the story of how Eva is still moving on with her life without her husband for the temporary time is very moving and one that should have a very happy ending.

I only have three minor problems with The Waiting Place. My first is there is no about section. It took me nearly 3 months worth of archives to figure out who was who, and what was going on. My second complaint is that there seems to be some gaps in the story not told. This could be either an intentional thing, or something caused from Blogger. Finally the lack of total posts for each month is on the low side, but given the circumstances of how this weblog is told it is expected.

Overall I enjoyed the story told at The Waiting Place. I recommend reading this blog to get a completely different perspective on how the war in Iraq effects people. As I said, this was a great ride to take and I plan on continuing to see where it goes.

The Waiting Place