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Sometimes you stumble upon an article ect. that just has you laughing and you’re not sure why.That was such the case with
“An Englishman in New England”.

When I first entered this weblog, I was greeted with a very plain and simple page like I have seen on many other ocassions. Oner of those templates from Blogspot.

Judging by the title, I really didn’t know what I was going to find in the entries. To me, I figured I would just find entries on what it was like living in New England . In any case, I began to read.

When I started my journey into the blog, I really couldn’t tell if the topics the author (known simply as “The Englishman”), were supposed to be of a serious nature or if they were supposed to be funny. The reason this had me wondering is because almost every entry I was reading , had me laughing.

The entries may have had me laughing, but still an amount of them were on serious subjects, but I guess with a touch of humor added. At this point, I really wasn’t sure what to think and I continued to read on. After reading several of the posts in the archives, it became clear to me why the posts made me laugh. Here is a small paragraph that he wrote.

If you hadn’t guessed it before, I’m an amateur comedian. Amateur, because I’m still perfecting that one flawless joke that makes someone laugh so hard their wallet spontaneously opens up and pours cash into my awaiting palms. Any day now. . .

Well judging from what I have read, he is well on his way to being a great comedian.
I know this type of blog will not suit everyone’s taste. Some people may even find it distasteful. Why do I use the word distasteful ?? One of the reasons being is that I must warn you, some of the humor in his posts are somewhat of an adult nature.

I for one enjoyed reading his entries. Even though there is humor associated with them, he does bring up a lot of interesting points.

“The Englishman’s”, entries are well written. Very clear and easy to read. He has several links on the left hand side, but not all of them work. He also has several links in the middle of his posts. Some of them don’t work as well. However, I did like his “All About the Englishman”, link. Not only does it let you know a bit more about him, but he adds humor in there as well.

To conclude, the only complaints I have with the weblog are the broken links and the dull template design. Other than that, the blog is one I recommend you give a try.
An Englishman in New England

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