Review 2582

My first thoughts of the site was that it had a good color scheme, nothing clashing. With a scheme that appeals to the eye, I was hoping to read some content that was appealing as well. I wasn’t disappointed, and I believe many others will like what’s found within the many postings.

The posts are not rants, they are intelligent and humorous. Sometimes the posting is a news clip or a dedication, but always with an interesting spin on things from the author, Jim. The blog itself spans from July 2003 until now and seems to have been updated on a regular basis, not leaving the reader left without some type of update.

The design of the blog is great. Everything is separated into it’s own little section, making it very easy to find what you’re looking for, from archives, to other blogs, to the source code of the site. I was very impressed with the layout, to which credits are given at the bottom. It’s interesting to see the musical taste of the author, listed at the end of every post. Most times the song goes along with the theme of the post.

The Profile section gives a few clues as to what the author is into, some of which is typical for a 21 year old (“I enjoy my newfound legality, and have been exploiting it as often as possible.”) and others that are not, like his love of astrology. However, some of the other sides of Jim are found in the February archives.

I gave this site a 5 because I really liked the neatness of the site, everything is well organized. I also enjoyed how there is a mixture of everyday posts, news tidbits, and some dedications. The song included at the end of each post gives away some clues as to what the author likes without coming right out and saying it. The posts themselves are very well written, and can be enjoyed by a large audience.Incoherent Blather

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