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“Inside My Head”. Upon entering this weblog, my first impression was just o.k..
It was just one of those plain , boring “Blogspot”, templates which seem to be so popular now a days. The difference was, this template had some color to it, which made it look less drap (so to speak).

The entries are posted in the middle of the page, sectioned off very neatly. She has several links on the right hand side, some of a very interesting nature. There are several tidbits about the author posted there as well , in addition to “100 things”

The title, “Inside My Head”, speaks for itself. It totally relates to the weblog. Jennifer(the author) is a wife and mother of 2. Almost each entry gives you an in depth look at the person behind the writing. Her posts do let you get inside her head.

Jennifer’s weblog was created around January, 2004. In her first couple of entries, she starts by introducing herself, and giving out a bit about herself. It ‘s like curling up with a good biography. The entries become more intriging as you keep reading , and you don’t want to put it down until it’s finished. Jennifer writes about her husband and when they first became married. She writes about having her children and as they grew older. She also writes about her father, her job, and her goals and dreams in life .

Jennifer’s weblog is worth paying a visit to. However, she does admit (in her own words), her page looks like a big mint. The color is basically a mint green. Well maybe Jennifer will work on the template in time.
But her entries make up for the lack of the template appearence. Jennifer’s weblog is one I know I will be book marking.Inside My Head

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