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My initial reaction to this site is the pink. Very rarely do you see a pink on a blog when it’s not some godawful bright pink. I see the pink ribbon and it immediately brings to mind breast cancer support. Good thing I paid attention to that little detail too, because it seems this blog is one woman’s struggle from finding out that she has a lump to getting treatment.

The blog itself if very touching and emotional. I, personally, have been fortunate enough to not have had a family member get breast cancer, so this is an entirely new experience. The entries aren’t filled with grief and woe-is-me’s, it’s actually filled with real emotion about the anticipation of the results of the various tests. I can’t help but feel compelled to read every entry from start to finish to read and understand the struggle that it must be for the author. Even the short entries leave you wondering how you’d handle a similar situation.

I’ve read themed blogs before, y’know the kind, where people write about a certain subject or experience. I have to say that this is one of the better of the themed blogs. The author writes from her heart and it’s evident as you see her struggle with how to tell her mom and sister. Her worries about what may or may not happen. The strength she gains from the few readers who leave her kind notes, and the support she gets from family and friends.

The design of the blog is done well. My only complaint is that the links are a very light pink and hard to see, even under the best of lighting. Otherwise the blog flows well.

This blog is compelling, to say the least. I couldn’t help but read through each entry, and felt the pangs of sadness while she was in the hospital awaiting her surgery. The author kept up the writing, even while being admitted into the hospital by means of handwriting her feelings, which were later added to the blog by her daughter. It’s well worth a read for anyone who has had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer or otherwise. It’s an intimate blog about someone’s journey through cancer. What more can be said? I wish the author much luck.Beyond Contestation

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