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On entering the blog, everything in here gives a ‘punk’ feeling. There is this image in the sidebar very artistically distorted. Then there is this bar on the top having five images(apparently three of them are author’s own) all highly unrelated and all have been worked upon again to give the ‘punk’ feeling.

The author, Ryan Matthew, in his own words is ‘a humble university student locked into a meaningless liberal arts degree with too much time on his hands’. There is no formal introduction page apart for this and ‘what will you find in here’ type of a bar which hogs the entire main area, bringing the actual entries of the blog downwards.

The blog is fairly new, the oldest entry being on 7th Feb which, by the way, is pretty interesting; something that starts with a mildly humorous round up on the 80s and 90s, then before you know it things get revolutionary and it ends with the mourning over the death of Kurt Cobain. Despite its quirkiness, the entire thing makes sense and is quite a powerful entry for the first.

If the name of Kurt Cobain has inflicted interest in all the grunge rockers out there, I am sorry to disappoint you (and get disappointed myself), there is no mention of KC anywhere in the rest of the blog.

What had started out quite splendidly then whimpers to be just another blog of a university student, with an extra dose of Canadian politics. The blog has the usual share of politics, reviews (mostly movies), life in a university, etc. Nothing that would keep you stuck to the computer screen, but nothing to repel you either. There is a mixed type of humor used in the blog; you come upon really sarcastic, oh-so-subtle humor (e.g. Being a studebt…err I mean student is the life of riley) as well as the regular type.

In case you were wondering why the blog is so called, you can get some of the explanation here(topmost entry).

The design is just OK. The problem with the entries going downwards which I mentioned in the beginning is some template problem, about which RM knows and hasn’t done much about.

All in all, this is one of hundreds of college-student-blogs that you come upon. You might be more impressed with it if Canadian politics interests you.

Drivel, Blasphemy and other unrelated magic

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