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The title of this site is in white projected on a cherry red background at the top of the page. I had to resize my browser window to view this site. The header just below describes the author in terms that, while intriguing, are relatively vague (anarchist mystic?) This had my attention, and, as I read on, key words like fascism clued me into this site being relatively political in nature. Reading on, I found this assumption to be mostly correct.

There are as many blogs as there are political slants, and, by definition, most blogs have a political slant. The liberal anti-Bush blog has almost become cliche. However, a few entries into this blog, and the author was already quite dear to me. Often online one finds people who, while very vocal, have no idea what they’re professing. Here is an obviously very educated and knowledgeable guy writing about the issues he cares about. While this is far from being a traditional links-to-news blog, he often responds to articles or posts by other people with intelligence and politeness. The main subject of this blog seems to be the Bush administration’s policies

The blog has apparently only existed for two weeks, but in those two weeks we have a huge volume of posts. If the author can keep up this level of involvement into the future, this blog is sure to be a success. In addition to the blog, the site features a catalogue of the author’s adventures- trips to semi-exotic locations with lots of great pictures, some of glittering stars hanging from the sky. Visit this section for the view. The author is also an anger-management counselor, and his blog links to his professional site.

As mentioned earlier, however, the site design is less than perfect. A defect in IE forced me to resize my browser to view the page properly. The author acknowledges this on the page, stating “IE is busted.” While he may be correct about IE’s flaw, not accommodating for users surfing with it is alienating to potential readers. I recommend he try for inclusive approach to browser differences in order to reach a wider audience. Also, on the larger pages, the right navigational column is shoved to the bottom of the page.

Without a doubt, however, Elderbear has here a more than sturdy politically-charged blog that has dexterously avoided many of the pitfalls of it’s genre. A worthwhile read for inquisitive surfers willing to tolerate a few design errors.Elderbear’s Den

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