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I wasn’t sure what Always the Abecedarian’s domain, Learning Asigo, meant. It took me a while to realize that it was actually Learning As I Go, which will probably sum up the intentions of the author, whose name I seemed to miss (or maybe she was too busy to say it in her blog).

Scrolling across her sidebar, I realized that she is quite new to the blogging world. Her weblog is only two months old, barely even, but as I continued reading her entries, I realized that how long you’ve spent writing a journal doesn’t measure how well you can, shall we say, intensify the emotions and the thoughts that has coursed in your body for that particular day, or that particular state of mind.

You will realize that the author is lesbian, and that she is very much proud of it. She succeeds in portraying the emotions of a lesbian heart with such grandeur and romance that it seems no different with heterosexual relationships.

Her writing style is very creative. Romantic, even. And if I may add, it’s something only a few straight hearts can express. The author is quite modest proclaiming that she needs improvement when she is already quite good (and her blog is helping her practice writing, so hurray for blogging!).

One unique thing about her blog is that she doesn’t use the first person as frequently as most personal blogs. Instead, she portrays her feelings with other characters, thus, this blog is also a collective of her short stories. These short stories are lesbian in nature, and somehow I’m reminded of Anne Rice’s style of playing with words – and that is by making such good use of the technique of imagery. Access to these stories is made easy by placing links named “Literary Entries” in the sidebar.

Design-wise. This is a well designed Movable Type blog, thanks to her friend who helped her putting it up. It’s simple and well organized, but it’s neither boring or explosive. It’s one of the jewels of Movable Type blogs, if you asked me.

Speaking of organization, it is a very orderly blog, with a clean entry layout and a very handy and suffecient sidebar containing her archive, her links and cliques.

All in all, I’d say this blog is a must-read. You do not need to be lesbian to enjoy the way she delivers her way of thinking. She is a very talented woman and I wish that the blog lives on. I’ve become envious on how vivid she can get with just mere words and some pictures as well. Hopefully this blog will teach other bloggers that you don’t need to have such an exciting experience to have such interesting entries. It’s how to input images on other people’s brains with how you make use of your literary know-how… and that blogging will help you learn as you go.Always the Abecedarian

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