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The first thing I did was go to my dictionary and look up the word Abecedarian. Funny that the definition is one who studies the alphabet or one who is just learning, a beginner and I am looking it up. Ok, maybe not that funny that I didn’t know what it was and it said I was a beginner.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure what to expect now that I had a definition for the word. Is this blog going to be about the daily life of someone contemplating the impact of the letter H on our society? Or was this going to be more along the lines of a life’s lessons learned type blog in reference to the second definition? I had so many questions, but no answers, so I went on in.

When the page loads, there is an amazing design for the site. There is a wonderful banner of dried roses that set the mood and the color scheme for the site. I loved the design as it is very original. The only problem I had with the design is that the css loads the links all funky in Mozilla. To make sure it was just a browser thing, I opened up IE and the page looks better in IE. So she needs to fix the css problems and the site will look as good as it reads.

The site is amazing. From the very start I could tell that the author was well read. She has a way with words that just make you want to keep reading. She tells a story within her posts, I felt like I should be wrapped in a blanket next to a fire while reading this blog. To change things up she does have some “standard” blogger posts which are nice and give us yet another view point into her life.

Normally I would give you all kinds of details about the author of a blog. I don’t think I could do her justice by trying to describe her. Sure I could pull random things out of her 100 things, or take certain parts from her posts and describe her to you, but part of the joy of this site was actually reading her and learning stuff about her. The only thing I will mention is that her occupation of a bookstore owner completely shines as I said she is well read.

I really enjoyed my time here. I only had one real problem with the site and it was the design issue I mentioned earlier. I couldn’t justify giving the site a perfect 5 because I would have to put this on my weekly read list instead of my daily read. The reason for this is that she writes so well, it would be a shame to only read one day at a time. Imagine your favorite author only releasing 1-2 pages of a chapter at a time. You would rather enjoy the entire chapter than just a couple of pages. This site is a great read, and I recommend that everyone check it out.
Always the Abecedarian

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