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I must admit, my first impression of this site was that it had the look of an Insurance company magazine article, and I was about to read all about their quarterly meeting in Omaha. The fonts are plain, and frankly dull. Added to that, they are incredibly small. I even went up to View and made them as large as possible in my browser and still had a hard time reading comfortably. I felt apprehensive about continuing to read, but forged ahead.

The author does not post frequently in any given month, but has been writing since August 2001, which is an impressive run I have to say. As to the entries themselves, I must admit I found them articulate, and show a brilliant mind, but are of a VERY personal nature that made me blink more than a few times. The newer posts contained complex, multi-layered thoughts about her medical condition and raw emotional confessions about her relationship with her husband. There were many entries with lyrics and musical analysis, which showed an adept mind. But after digging through the archives, the repetitive nature of the themes began to wear thin. I was sorry too, because I was admiring the articulate execution! I wanted to connect, but found that I was having to work too hard. And oddly enough in a recent post the author was bemoaning the fact that no one in her life would take the time to really try to understand what she was going through. And while I read quite a bit in the archives, I still was left feeling like I didn’t know much except that she thought her life was pretty awful.

On the plus side, occasionally there was some pretty scathing commentary on television programs, that once again had me admiring her powers of observation and ability to articulate her thoughts.

There was no welcome page or About Me link that might have helped me get oriented. I did take some time checking out some of the sidebar links and found a picture page that contained several rather risqué photos of the author, along with some original pencil drawings and some computer enhanced photography that was interesting. I also found a “guest writers” link that I thought was a nice addition.

I don’t think I will return to this site. But I feel sorry that I won’t. I admire brilliance, but I became exhausted trying to find some kind of common ground with the writer.

I would rate this site as a 3.
…you must be very bored…

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