Review 2566

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the name of the blog was suspicion. Celebrity blogs have a tendency of being fake and/or proxy ones. My suspicion grew when I saw that this one was hosted on TWR has already reviewed Britney Spears’ Blog which also happened to be hosted on and which was fake for certain.

Even for a fake blog, there is hardly anything worth visiting. The blog started in May 2003. We are greeted with entries as to how Debbie loves Eminem, and all of a sudden there is one entry full of expletives and hate for him. Then the next entry says that the blog was hacked, but the previous entry is never deleted! Now anyone remotely connected to blogging is aware that one can edit/delete previous entries without remotest of complexities.

Even if we ignore that, after five entries in May, the next entry is in October. So much for proper frequency. Again the same pattern follows, two really loving entries later we have another hateful post. Then again the ‘hacked again’ thing.

After October there are all of two entries. One is January; this one is attacking her haters. And the next one is February, called ‘Jewish Parody of The Passion’ this one seems to be a mass spam-like entry in all starblogger blogs, you can see it Britney’s , Eminem’s and Friends’ Blogs at starblogger.

The design is the common Movable Type grey-on-white. No tweaking has been done to the design at all.

Going with the tradition of starblogger blogs, this too is highly non-recommended. I counted the total number of entries: – Eleven. Even if you want to waste your time, I am sure you would have better things to do than visit this blog.

Debbie Mathers : Eminem’s Mom

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