Review 2560

I think this review was made for me. When I got to Yikes!, I was hit head on with some “obviously mistaken opinions on whatever it is that Josh has written about”. This is one of the most wry, sarcastic, and funniest site I have read to date. Josh is a Jewish teacher from Encino, who among other things once had to go to the hospital to have a gum wrapper removed from his nose. This site has some of off colour humour and profanity, which goes right up my alley.

Yikes impressed me right away as it has an About Me section, and was not a blogspot blog. The site itself is well laid out, easy to navigate and just generally looks good. There are some humourous – while colurful – images, that enhance the humour in the posts they accompany. There are perma links ranging from blogs Josh reads, to Mac links, to satires of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Quite the range, and yet I found myself reading most of the sites after I ran out of things to read on Josh’s site. All the links on the site are working, and there is really nothing that detracts from the obvious work he has put into the site.

Josh posts about things important to him, like his school, interesting things that happen to him like trying to get on TV, and just random banter. No matter what the topic, each post is written with the same amount of obvious effort, and the same wit. No topic is taboo on this site. Something else I really enjoyed was the photo albums. I always find they add a bit of personality to a site, and are enjoyable just for readers to look at. Josh also made sure he included a link to his old Blogger blog, so you can keep up on when Josh was infatuated with Canada, and was rambling somewhere else.

Overall, this is one of the best sites I have seen on my own time, let alone reviewed. It is because of this, and the fact I have read and reread this site so many times in the last couple of days just looking for a laugh, that I have to give it a 5. There is nothing I can even think of that would make this better. Josh, don’t change a thing.Yikes!

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