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It’s not very often that a site I’m supposed to be reviewing turns out to be one I read through so quickly I’m disappointed there’s not more to read. When I found my way to “The S-Train Canvass” today, I was more than pleased to find myself breezing through the site not only enjoying what I was reading, but also actually taking something away from reading the author’s daily entries.

The entries that can be found here have subject matters all across the board – there’s a little bit of sports, bits about his African pride, the occasional political post, and, without sounding overly cliché, the list goes on and on. Each post is written with the terminology, sentence structure, and general understanding that nearly every person that stumbles upon this site will be able to understanding what they’re reading.

There are two different people that post to this site – “S-Train” and “Aysel”. For the most part of the posts on the site, you’ll find that S-Train is responsible for the updating. It’s only within the last couple of months that Aysel has joined the posting ranks for The S-Train Canvass.

The layout shows up in what seems to be the standard weblog layout as of late – a main column for the actual weblog content and a smaller column along the side containing anything from links to other weblogs to information about the people that are posting at the site. The original logo at the top of the site, designed by Aysel, is a great start to a layout. The rest of the layout looks a little “clumsy”, for lack of a better word – the black borders around the boxes are on the verge of becoming a bit too overwhelming. It doesn’t take away from the reading, though, which is the reason why people visit weblogs, isn’t it?

Honestly, there’s not one thing I could think of that could be added or changed to this site to make it a better weblog to read.

The S-Train Canvass

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