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The S-Train Canvass is an impressive site. The color scheme is among the most original I have ever seen, shunning the usual bright colors of the web for a more subdued and tranquil look. Beneath this exterior lies witty, entertaining prose that takes blogging to a new level by exploring topics not touched by other weblogs. I was intrigued, but certainly not put off by terms unfamiliar to me (“progressive thuggary,” anyone?) and read on with relish.

This is a very unique and highly stylized blog, ran by S-Train, an ex-gang member, self-professed sociology aficionado, thug, and owner of a submarine sandwich shop. That description alone is enough to interest most readers, and rightly so. Despite this site only being a few months old, there is plenty of excellent content to peruse on almost every possible topic. S-Train is often aided by his best friend, Aysel, whom he credits with keeping him on track. According to the site, “progressive thuggary” stands for “positive change through progressive unruliness,” a motto which the author has certainly taken to heart. S-Train is unafraid to criticize aspects of society he sees as faulty, and, regardless of whether the reader agrees with him; his well-crafted viewpoints are a joy to explore. The author speaks of an interest in sociology, and this shines through in his writing. He shares his often-unconventional views on such diverse and touchy topics as the “n” word, the war on terror, and his past involvement with a gang. His writing is a bit hard-edged at times, but this only adds to the overall atmosphere of his truly original site. While S-Train submitted his site to us in the Personal category, this site will be most enjoyable to readers who are socially conscious and interested in news, current events, and an overall critique of society.

The site design, as mentioned before, is nearly impeccable and wholly creative. I love the header graphic, which includes a kind of lead-in to the blog and has a beautiful, minimalistic flavor to it. The only possible improvement I can see would be to put the right navigational column on every archive page to make navigating this large site easier. Other than that, this site is quite a gem. In addition to the blog, The S-Train Canvass includes Progressive Thug Radio, a web-based radio station worth checking out. I recommend every reader explore the site via the topics listed on the sidebar. These are a great way to explore the thoughts and feelings of S-Train, and his occasional collaborator, Aysel. The entries filed under “Our Society,” are pure gold. Overall, this site is an excellent addition to any blog-lover’s daily repertoire.
The S-Train Canvass

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