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I’ve never quite seen a weblog like this one before. It has three entries. One in 2004, one in 2003, and the other one covering 2000 and 2001 – this is it for this weblog. And it’s all on one page.

The title in black text at the top: “Natural Physique Development: TRAINING JOURNAL” clearly explains right off the bat what type of a weblog viewers are stumbling into when finding this site. Followed by the title is a quote of some sort: “It’s not about where you are right now, it’s about the direction you’re moving in.” This is Gavin’s weblog of the direction he’s moving in the form of developing his physique.

There’s nothing to the layout. There’s one page with a gray background, and black text. Gavin’s posted a few pictures for people to see his progress. That’s it.

This weblog isn’t one I’d recommend. Personally, I came away with nothing from the site. If Gavin is trying to convey a diary of sorts about developing one’s natural physique, there definitely needs to be more information for people to resort back to during their attempt at bettering themselves. If it’s just a personal record of Gavin’s self improvement, then it’s not something that really fits into the weblog category.

Natural Physique Development

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