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Going into Natural Physique Development I was expecting to see a weblog about daily training and nutrition. Unfortunately that isn’t what I got when I arrived.

Gavin has decided to post about his physique development dating all the way back to 2000. Unfortunately for us the reader, there are only two posts total: one for 2000 and 2001 and one for 2003. There is a promise of another update in March which will include more photographs of his development.

The design of the site is pretty lackluster. As I said, there are only a couple of posts so they are all on the front page. The small part that shines through on this site is the tips for training and eating. I was glad to see that he was including things for the daily reader to learn.

Now normally I would critique a site on what is there. This time, however, I have to critique on what isn’t there. I really wish that Gavin would update this weblog more often. Even a once a month update would be better. I would like to see work out routines and nutritional variances. I want to see all the things we know we should be doing listed.

Overall this weblog takes all of five minutes to read. While there isn’t anything that is a must read, you might want to check it out if you got some extra time. I am giving Natural Physique Development a 1 because the idea for the weblog is a good one, but the execution is just not there.
Natural Physique Development

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