Review 2554

I hate being honest sometimes… but, well, here you go: My first impression on this one was plain and simple “Jesus, not one of *those* again!” – what I saw was a very basic blog using one of the most used (but still boring) standard templates, with a few links and a small archive that somehow told me “this is not gonna last long”. Another major thing that annoyed me is I couldn’t find an “About Me” page, so I had no idea who my host might be (besides what I guessed from the title and tagline).

Anyhow, you know what they say about books and their covers, don’t you? I do, and so I forced myself to actually read the entries by that “girl living on Cape Brenton”. As she states in her first post, there’s a lot of ranting, rambling and raving going on, spiced with a high density of typos.

A lot of the bitching is very personal, and although this is sugar for all slightly voyeuristic blog hoppers, it’s getting a bit old after a while since I often had no idea what she’s talking about (and, as I stated earlier, had know idea who/what) she actually is. It was funny and entertaining at times, but got old soon.

So let’s be done with this: I really think the author could turn this into an above-average, even quite good blog; she’s funny, and there’s things going on in her life that would surely make good stories. This transformation, however, is going to be hard work (especially considering the design issues), and I assume her “blogging-style” just needs to evolve.

Numerical, it’s just a 3 for me now, with the option to make that a 4 or even better when Jamie decides to stop

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