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As soon as I arrived at today’s adventure, I was impressed. A Likely Story is a blogger template, but it just looks nice. Maybe I’m bias and I like it because it’s pink but hey I think it looks great. The site is laid out very simply, which is good, as anything more extravagant would detract from what you find as you dive in.

Our writer is a married woman with 4 children, and a love for movies, literature and shopping. The fact that she shares these loves in each of her posts make it very easy to get involved in her life. I started my reading at the best place – the beginning – where she starts her blog. Watching these first posts of frustration and ambition to get the site up to her liking, all the way up to the most recent, more informed and confident posts are like watching a child go from her first steps to watching her walk down the aisle (okay I may be a bit dramatic here, but you get my point). Reading each post seemed to take no time at all, and by the time I was done, I wanted more.

Most posts are about her family, which she obviously adores (and why not, they sound pretty great), and about her interest in literature. She posts links to several books she is reading, has read or is looking for. I’ll admit it, I fell in love at that post. There is no real target audience, as she seems careful to give enough detail to keep the interest of those not included in her immediate life, and not so much detail to offend those who are. It’s a hard line to walk, but she does it – and does it well. Something I have to commend her for.

The actually site is neat and tidy, with no dead links and nothing that really distracts you from what you are there to see. There are a few perma links to blogs the writer enjoys, an interesting quote of the week (no really, the week of January 21 is pretty great), and archives going back to June of last year. The customized colours make the site a little more sleek and stylish and a little less blogger-ific. There was no about me page, but if you start at the beginning, you will find all your info right there in plain site, so I’m not holding my usual pet peeve against her.

Overall this site was a great read. Nothing too deep, and nothing too flighty. It’s the yin and yang of blogging. It’s made my morning read, so I’m hoping the posts will be often. I really have nothing to suggest as far as improvement, as I found no flaw with the site. Keep up the writing and we’ll keep reading.
a likely story

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