Review 2550

When I first visited this site, I immediately saw the generic Blogger template, only it had a few tweeks, which make blogs often look so much better. This is the case for “a likely story”. She has made something rather generic into something very cutesy and attractive. I was interested to see what kind of person would match the layout. There were very few links on the side bar, which wasn’t too helpful in seeing the author’s likes, but I figured there was only one way to find out.

While reading this weblog, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t full of meaningless babble or rants and raves; this blog consisted of experiences that the author found fit to blog. Now, although the content isn’t exactly geared to amuse the curious onlooker, it is interesting to hear what is going on in her life. I really enjoyed reading about her daughters A and E, however, I found that the stories and such wouldn’t quite keeps all readers busy. Perhaps if there was more about what is going on in the country and her views on the subject, it would become more reader friends. However, I am unaware of who exactly she is writing this blog for. All in all, a perfectly ordinary blog of a woman who really loves books, church, and family!

The design, as I said before, was very nice. I really enjoyed the touches she added to personalize an over used template. The colors are soft and very easy on the eyes. Snaps to Angela for a very nice color scheme!

I think, altogether, this blog is only getting better. As the author said herself, “Each time I visit someone else’s blog, I find a new trinket to bring to my own.” Obviously, this blog will only ripen with time. Until then, it’s still a little bare and lacks some author/reader interaction.a likely story

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