Review 2549

Greeted by a generic typepad template with but a few modifications one can be forgiven for wondering whether this would be just another run of the mill blog, but given closer inspection the reader will discover that spinning is anything but. A brief about me gives you a little background information about both the author and the image which resides at the top of the right hand menu. With that brief introduction in mind I headed off to that crucial first posting, and I was gripped from that moment on.

The blog has been in place since October 2003, and from the outset the quality of writing is by far superior to your average weblog. The vast majority of her posts are on the art form itself, with extracts from pieces of her own work. This site serves as a beautiful insight into the life and mind of an author. Every entry is beautifully written and engaging, and I quickly discovered that I had worked my way through her entire archives without looking up once!

There is nothing spectacular about the design, it’s a straight forward typepad template with some minor adjustments and a couple of images. All the links worked, it was easy to navigate, and easy to read. There are some fascinating links in the right hand column which are definitely worthy of further perusal, and be sure to check out Talespinning listed as work in progress.

If you are interested in excellent writing then this site is definitely worth a visit. The site design may not be as individual as it could be, but it doesn’t need to, the writing sells itself. A rare find, and worthy of the first 5 I have awarded.Spinning

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