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When I originally reviewed Tikun Olam, there were a number of errors with regards to the url that caused a bit of a problem with actually getting to the site. Now that the url problems are fixed, I have decided to re-review the site and give it a new chance without that problem hurting me or the site.

Tikun Olam is entitled Make the World a Better Place. There are many ways that this could be achieved and thus there are many categories that this blog could fall under, but personal seems to be the best. Speaking of categories, the author has broken his site down by categories, fifteen to be exact.

While there are categories such as Gardening and Kids and Outdoors, the majority of the recent posts are about politics. Now I am not about to get into that left or right wing type thing, just know that he is posting a lot about the topic right now. This topic is by far his most used, but the break down of other categories is very nice. I especially liked reading the Food and Drink section as well as the Technology and Weblogs area. It was interesting to read someone else’s opinion on these topics.

The design itself is rather bland: green and yellow banner at the top and a two-column layout with the navigation on the right. The only plus for this is that he is using an original color scheme. But at the same time, the design does not hurt the site and really works with the weblog as it leaves a lot of room for the very lengthy posts.

Reading the archives is a bit different. While I understand the reason for separating them out by category, I am still wishing there was the option to read by date. The author’s intent is that people will come for certain topics, and not for the entire blog. My thought is that people come for the entire blog, and skip over certain topics. I may enjoy twelve out of his fifteen categories and not want to have to read twelve pages each time I visit the site just so I can catch up with it.

Overall we have a very well written site with a lot of information to offer. While I am not too keen on the break down of the archives, I can understand why he is doing it that way. If you have some time to sit down and actually read a weblog, then this is a good choice for you as there is plenty of stuff to read.
Tikun Olam: Make the World a Better Place

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