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With a name of “Make the World a Better Place” I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that it would be about a tree hugger and how to “fix” things. I was wrong.

My first impression of the site is not a favorable one. The url that was submitted by the authors choice takes me to a blogspot page with the most recent post being in August saying that the site had moved to a new site. There were a plethora of url redirection warnings, which was way too many.

When the site finally loaded, I was greeted with a lot of information. First readings of the posts contained a lot of information about the topic. There are a lot of quotes from articles and or people that inspired the post and a lot of his thoughts on the topic.

After reading the front page I looked for the archives. I thought there would be an archive list by date, but unfortunately it was just by topic. While there are a great number of topics for people to pick from, this was a major pain for me. I like to see the “entire” picture and not just bits and pieces by topic. I could not really see how the author has grown which I was disappointed with.

The design of the site is nothing major, but it works. The yellow/green and white color scheme again does not do anything for me, but it isn’t harmful either. This is a standard two-column layout with the navigation on the right. I am glad there was an about section, as it really gave me insight into the author.

Overall I thought there was too much that was being presented to me. While I normally would enjoy this, with the vast range of topics, this was more of a hindrance. I also wish that the archives would be put in a standard format as it really does make reading a site that much easier.
Tikun Olam: Make the World a Better Place

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