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Nice Cookies. Interesting title. I can’t say that I really knew what to expect, but the unique name was definitely interesting. Unfortunately most of my interest with this blog ended with the name.

Nineteen year old Stacy, blogs mainly about her boyfriend, school and shopping. She really seems to enjoy shopping. Which is fine. But not something I would really find myself being interested in reading much about.

This blog is relatively well-written, and an enjoyable read, to a degree. I read back through many of the archives, and found that many posts are so similar, it’s a little monotonous. Very few posts had any content that was overly meaningful or thought-provoking. I have a feeling that Stacy’s friends probably enjoy this site quite a bit, but as for a stranger happening upon it, I doubt that the content would have them coming back.

The design of this blog is nice enough. Different shades of purple, with white font. The font is quite small, but legible enough. The layout is fairly simple and clean, though I found that the link to the archives was in an odd spot. (At the very bottom of the page) The archives were set up in a very odd format, in my opinion, and I found myself wishing it was done in a more streamlined way, but to each their own.

Overall, this was a nice, light, friendly blog. It just didn’t have enough content to make me want to read more than was necessary to write a review. I wanted to get to know Stacy as a person, inside, and not simply read about where and what she ate, or what she bought recently. It seems that there’s definite promise, but the current content just isn’t enough, at the moment.
Nice Cookies

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