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First, I must say that I love people with opinions because I feel like I can personally relate with them, being a rather opinionated person myself. Even better, I particularly like people whom I share similar opinions with. Come on folks, who doesn’t?

The writer of “Mad About Knowledge” approaches politics, it seems, from a left-wing perspective. I hope the author isn’t offended by me stating so (some people would be). I’m honestly surprised by this guys more liberal stance because of a couple of things I learned about him. For one, he’s from Virginia. Perhaps I don’t know enough Virginians, but this is not what I thought a Southern state could produce. Second, apparently the author tested as a centrist on an internet quiz. I guess those quizzes aren’t so scientific after all.

With this said, the author seems very open for discussion and extremely universal in his approach to taking on different topics on current events. I hope I’m not alienating the right-wingers out there; I suggest they take a look as well. Just the same, not everything on this blog is as political as maybe I’m letting on. In fact, there are indeed the ‘everyday’ posts available to keep simple minds happy.

Listen, I absolutely love this web site. It’s design is so worked into its purpose that I’m just jealous that my own web log doesn’t come close to matching the superb design of “Mad About Knowledge.” It uses very nice tones of orange with a black background. Simple, yet extremely effective.

This web log has gone straight from my review list to my favorites list because it’s intuitive, it’s comprehensive, it’s current. I like this writer, and I think this web log is worth adding as a ‘daily read.’

After each entry, the author showcases other stories which google considers related to his topic. I loved this feature as it enabled me, as a reader, to really research and analyze the subject matter at hand, without having to do the work that is usually involved. Here’s an author who is really utilizing the strengths of the internet (linking, etc.) to back-up his opinions.

I’m excited people because this kind of blogging, as it were, is where journalism itself is headed. Let’s all rejoice and celebrate the web log that is “Mad About Knowledge.” As you may have guessed, I gave it a well-deserved 5.Mad About Knowledge

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