Review 2542

My first impression of this page was.. well, I felt a little out of space. Things are quite mish-mash on the main page. After a little while, you get comfortable and realize that this menu which appears on the right on mouse-over is in fact quite cool.

No About Me section. Even the first entries just start out without an introduction as such, so before you know it you are looking at pics of a party at West Virginia University. And below that is another pic from the party, two girls kissing with the caption ‘Can you believe it?’ Well.. I CAN believe it. It seems very naive that in this modern age someone should find lesbianism ‘unbelievable’.

Further reading ascertains the fact that NeoCld9 (no nick yet, so let’s call him NeoCld9) has definitely not won any of the spelling contests ever. With all due respect, some of the spellings in fact make you giggle and doubt whether NeoCld9 is intentionally making these mistakes. (eg. sertificate, board [for bored], etc).

The frequency of the blog is disappointing. Hardly four to five entries per month. The content is a typical teen blog. Dominated by the usual teen stuff like asking out, poems, etc. Not that such things are boring to read, it all depends on how you present it to the readers.. and let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing about this blog that would want to make you wanna come back. Of late the frequency has even worsened, with three entries in Feb, and just one until now this month.

Template is OK. The mouse-over menu is quite nice once you get the hang of it. But what can you do with the template if the content is not worthwhile.

Overall the blog is not recommended unless you have too much of time to kill.

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