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Good Blimey! What a great phrase to title your site with. I have to admit I was half expecting a UK site ( from this phrase, but Matt is not from the UK. He in fact lives in Florida.

Matt is a self-taught web designer. The blog is here to ” provide him a place to post his thoughts ranging from web design, technology, gaming, and personal insights. It also serves as a nexus to upload and share photos taken with a digital camera.” This was great for me as I shared an immediate connection with him. We both have similar interests and I knew that this would be an enjoyable read.

The weblog is about what he said it would be about; his everyday life, thoughts on stuff, and of course photos. I had a nice trip down memory lane with certain events happening while reading Matt’s blog. Everything from the kid who got suspended for doing a netsend of “hey” to the EU’s fine to Microsoft is posted. I especially enjoyed reading about his cooking and the recipies that he provided.

The design of the site is crisp and clean. My only complaint is that it looks too much like a “standards compliant” blog. All to often a programmer gets caught up in coding for standards, and the site looks like it. This can be resolved with a simple banner at the top instead of just the phrase Good Blimey! But other than that, I have no complaints about the design.

Overall I enjoyed my time at Good Blimey. I think that Matt has found what makes for a good weblog and is sticking to only posting the good stuff. I will continue to follow up with Good Blimey to see where it takes me. Good Blimey!

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