Review 2540

I am so glad I got to Buzzstuff before any of the other reviewers. This is one of those sites that made me sit up and take noticed the first time I wandered into the domain of Buzz and his blog.

Naturally, one has to find out all about Buzz in his Buzz’s 100 that everyone seems to do these days, and my goodness, he’s a laugh. This little introduction plainly sets the stage for the rest of the blog which is thoroughly entertaining, though I’ll get to that in a minute.

The blog’s layout is terrific, with the default skin (he has a few) being a Humphrey Bogart themed masterpiece which just so happens to be my favourite out of all the skins available. It’s still pretty much the standard with regards to where everything is put, but the blog offers a wealth of interesting and entertaining tidbits to read – all the headers are Bogart sayings which really tickles my fancy. I was particularly impressed with the ‘Random Bogey’ pictures that appear every time you refresh the page. Very appealing that is. The colours of the blog (the Bogart skin) are also very easy on the eyes, with yellow and red on black for the most part so I didn’t come away from the blog needing to take some headache tablets.

The content of the blog is very satisfying, and very funny at times. There’s plenty to read and waste time on since the blog’s been around since January 2003, though I have to say, out of all the entries I read, Wally was my favourite.

The blog is littered with pictures of this and that – moviestars, odd things, movie posters, more odd things, sports stars, and some… really odd things. The commentary that goes with them is enough to make you snort milk out of your nose (and I’m sure the Buzz has covered that somewhere in his blog too). And I also need to mention that Buzz is a prolific blogger, so it pays to come back more than once on any given day as there’s generally more material to read and grin or giggle over. Everything that I read ranged from personal entries about friends and family, to work, to the various strange facts and weird pictures he manages to find. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

On the whole, Buzzstuff really works as both a humourous and personal blog. It’s not hard to see why he’s so popular with his commenters (aka fans). Thanks Buzz, great effort!


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