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Musings of One Sweet Chuck. Interesting title. The sub-line of this blog is “’tis just stuff I think of…”. It’s immediately clear how fitting this small statement is.

Sweet Chuck is a fellow with a very over active mind. And emotions, for that matter. He writes at length about the things going through his head. I found myself saying “me too” to many of his thoughts, and scratching my head at other times.

On occasion I would actually have to get up and walk away from my computer after having read too many posts in a row. Was it because they were horrible? Not at all. In fact, the posts are generally so well written and thought provoking – not to mention deep – that I was emotionally exhausted.

Sweet Chuck has many things in life he ponders about. He speaks quite frequently about his relationships – or lack thereof – with people. He wonders why he can’t find a certain kind of connection with others, to which I can relate. (As I’m sure can most of the population.) The writing style in this blog is extremely intimate (no, not in that sense), as if you had looked at him and sincerely asked “What’s wrong?”, and the blog entries would be your answer. Not only was I blown away at the touching posts, but they are – at times – extremely philosophical, which I liked, but the writing is top-notch. The quotes sprinkled throughout the posts are a wonderful added touch.

I was disappointed to find no ‘about me’ type of page, though the personal style of the posts, and the first few posts from the beginning of this blog, certainly cover anything you want to know about the author. At no point does Sweet Chuck seem to hold back anything we may find interesting. He seems to just ‘let it all hang out’, for which I was very thankful.

The design of this blog is on the minimalist side of things. The colour scheme is a simple white on black, which really suits the content, here. There’s nothing that really catches your eye, though nothing at all is missing.

I was very impressed with the pictures in the ‘photos’ section. Yet again I have had the fortune to be treated to a visual feast while doing a review. I feel spoiled – the pictures here were especially fantastic. I was happy to find that Sweet Chuck has a list of music, books and movies listed. It was even more of a glimpse into this interesting fellow.

Overall I thought this blog was fantastic. It’s unique due to the intense content. It certainly held me captive for quite some time. In fact, since I wasn’t able to get through everything, I’ll be stopping in frequently to read it all. I have no complaints about this blog whatsoever. It’s interesting, thought provoking, well written, and well designed. For anyone who thinks they feel alone in this world, you’ll love this blog. For everyone else, I think you’ll love it, too. I can’t image what would need to be improved, here. It’s simply wonderful. I hope Sweet Chuck figures things out, and when he does, he’d better post about it, because I know we’ll all be hanging on the edge of our seats poised to read it.
Musings of one Sweet Chuck

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