Review 2528

As soon as I go to the site, I had to look up one Bernice Clifton. Once I read that this was who Kai, our author, felt he was the illegitimate child of, I was done. I didn’t stop laughing from that point on, and the review took 2 days. thats a lot of laughing.

As for the site itself, it is hosted on Blogdrive, which I am becoming more and more impressed with. The only thing in this case is the placement of the ad distracts from the banner of the site, but I got over it. the layout of the site itself is clean and sleek, and I am really impressed with the use of images for links on the left hand side – something I took away as a tip for making my own site look nicer. It is easy to find everything you are looking for, including an About Me section!!!!!!

The writing within the site is very wry, sarcastic humour. It is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read. Kai is obviously well spoken and doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks about what he says. From writing new years resolutions for the stars, to telling off women in Wal Mart, he just says whatever pops into his head. I haven’t found anything yet that didn’t make me laugh.

Technically, the site is great. The links are all working, the little features like the message board function and I really didn’t hit any problems. one small annoyance was the fact the page auto refreshes – for the message board i assume. Drove me insane. But that is likely just me.

Overall, this site is fantastic. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages and over the course of the night shared the link with basically everyone I know. The only advice I have for you Kai, is don’t change a thing.Rambling Along

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