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I loaded up this page and liked the simplicity of it. I think that it may be a ready made template. There are no fussy bits, nice big text section and all the links nicely filed on the right hand side of the page. Heading text matched the heading border, and there are limited text colours. It was easy on the eyes, and loaded nice and quickly. The text was nice and big so it was easy to read. My first impressions were that the main focus would be on the content so I hoped it would be good!

The clue about the content of the blog is in the title!! There did not appear to be an “about me” page, so I had to gather all the information that I could from reading the content. The blog was started in October 2003, but there was a fair bit to read. At the start of the blog there are some lovely pictures that captures Thom’s view of Verona. I was quite upset that the camera broke part way through the blog. Some of the photos are lovely and very imaginative.

The content is really interesting, especially if like me, you have never been to Verona. Thom has an interesting way of looking at the world around him. He makes some fascinating comparisons between how the English do things to how the Italians approach the same thing! I liked the different approaches to asking a girl out and how to behave on a first date!! I liked the way he noted all the differences between Christmas in Verona and Christmas at home, though I suspect he was looking forward to the cricket far more than the festivities back in England!

I think that the design of this blog is misleading as it gives you no idea of how fascinating it is going to be!! There is not a single hint that once you start reading, you will get so involved that you will read the entire blog. Yes, I honestly did read everything, I wanted to know whether thom would say, despite the lack of Frisbee teams, or last out until the summer and leave on a good note! It is, in my opinion, very well written. I was truly hooked by most of what I read. It just really did intrigue me as to how living in Italy could be via a complete starnger. I also felt quite inspired to go for a visit.

I am a great fan of simple and easy on the eyes site. So whilst I claim the design to be understating the content, maybe that is also part of its attraction. I was not side tracked by following links and being distracted. I just got sucked right into reading about Thom and his adventure. I was not distracted by quizzes and guessing what cartoon character he might be!

In my opinion, this is a very well written and very interesting blog. It is both informative of what it is like to up sticks and live in Italy, and it is also a nice insight into Thom’s world, and his feelings on his big adventure. I must say that the photos were defiantly a bonus feature on this blog, and I really hope that Thom gets his camera fixed soon so that he can carry on capturing Italy as through his eyes. I have to say that I really enjoyed this blog. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is one of the best that I have read. Superb I say! Superb.An Englishman in Verona

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