Review 2525

Infiniti… Is it a purposely misspelled version of the word infinity? Infinity: something that goes on and on and has no end? Is this what I am to expect when I get to this blog? Something without an end? I guess that is actually what is ideal with a weblog; to always be updating it. We shall see.

The first thing I noticed was the very unique layout of the site. There is a wonderful animie logo at the top. The site uses a vast assortment of the color pink which was surprising. Then I noticed some things. My mouse pointer had changed. It was now an arrow with a question mark, and when I mouse over links it changed to a double sided arrow instead of the hand I am use to. I really hate when people mess with the mouse. It doesn’t add to the experience of the weblog, and it is distracting. I also noticed that the layout wasn’t lining up properly, or at least where I expected it to line up so I fired up IE just to check, and it still was not lining up correctly.

The weblog is written by Jei and she is, wait, let me quote this directly: “i’m a vampire girl who lives in the philippines with the ethnicity of 1/4 japanese, 1/4 chinese and 1/2 filipino.” Interesting. With this said her English is very good, but if I remember correctly English is one of the main languages in the Philippines, so I wasn’t too surprised. I was however very intrigued by the vampire girl aspect and how that would play into effect with her weblog.

While I was reading each post I noticed I was actually getting further away from the author the more I read. There was something that was just pushing me away from this weblog, and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Something about the way the weblog is written, it seems oddly familiar, but what was it that was pushing me away? Was it the vampire girl aspect or just where she was blogging from? After some research I found out that Jei is only 16 years old. There is that link I was missing.

The posts read a lot like other teen blogs. What is going on in the person’s life: most notably school, friends, music, online quizzes, generic blog type posts, etc… I decided to see if it really was like a standard teen blog and re-read the posts completely out of order and it still read the same. This is a disappointment to me, because hidden underneath all this general stuff I bet are some amazing things. Some posts start to hint at this, but don’t completely shine.

I would love to rate this blog higher because I can see some great potential with in the blog. But unfortunately I have to base it on what is actually there, and not what could be there. I really want Jei to let go and really take a chance at standing out from the crowd of webloggers. If she did this I can see this weblog going places

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