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A Constant Stream of Useless Information is certainly aptly named. A constant stream of information that means nothing to anyone but the author. This is a truly personal blog of a young girl by the name of Stephanie who is a sophomore at high school. It’s an amusing and surprisingly well-written (but for the occasional blatant spelling error) teen blog that documents the life and times of Stephanie at school, at home and at play.

My initial thought about the design of the blog was “Hey! This is pretty!”. No disgusting and torturous colors to contend with. No “leet” speech, no “u”, “ur”, “2” or “gr8” stuff anywhere either which I definitely appreciated – actually, I came close to dropping to my knees and praising the gods for that. It’s a very functional layout with muted, pretty colors. It’s quite different and definitely a nice change on the usual Blogspot layouts. The content is easy to read and there’s a nice little extra frame which lists all the usual bloggy stuff that shows her archives and favorite links. There’s also a little listing of books Stephanie is reading (or has recently read), music (this girl loves classical – very cool) and television shows.

As I mentioned before, Constant will mean very little to the average blog reader because it is written around this young girls life and all of her friends. I sifted through the archives and found much of the same which was unfortunate as it didn’t hold my attention for very long. If Stephanie wants to generate a little more interest for readers, she might want to consider making a list of all her friends and putting up an “about them” page. I think that’s what makes the blog a little dull – Stephanie knows what Stephanie talking about, but we (the readers) haven’t got the foggiest! I think the only way you’d really know is to read the blog from the beginning to the current entry to understand the background in her relationships and events in Stephanie’s life, but there’s just too many entries to manage that.

All in all though it’s a nice little blog and I get the feeling that other youngsters in high school will relate to the posts. A Constant Stream of Useless Information

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