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Although I have only given “Riri’s Brain Dump” a 3.5 out of 5, it is a nice enough weblog to visit and pleasant enough to read. The template is fairly standard with a few pictures added to brighten it up. The colour scheme is not bad either, being mostly green and pleasant on the eye. Although this is a Blogspot blog, the author has made the effort to get rid of the adverts at the top as well, which is helpful.

The first thing I went to on arrival at the site was the “100 things About Me” section, which was fairly informative. After getting a feel for the author and who she was, I started on the content itself and found a good personal weblog. The author is a mother, software developer and immigrant (currently living in Canada but born in Romania.) Incidentally, if your curiosity is not satiated by the “100 things”, I also discovered another “About Me” type thing back in the archives. These aspects of the author’s life certainly colour her postings and add an interesting dimension to what may otherwise be another run of the mill personal blog. For example, there is an informative post about her experiences with settling in to Canada, lots of stuff about bringing up kids and what they get up to and she also has some interesting opinions about female sexuality as well. The usual commenting system is in place and made use of by her regular readers.

The archives go back to February, 2003 though the author did take a break from blogging for a couple of months. There are a few little perks to the blog too- a little photo montage of the author and her family in the sidebar as well as a list of the music she is listening to/ books she is reading, though no reviews unfortunately.

There is plenty to read here though, despite the break in March and for anyone wanting an insight in to the ups and downs, thrills and spills of family life, this should prove to be a good read.Riri’s Brain Dump

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